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NEWS | 2023/02/22 | LKRO

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The Canopy ’25 is the grand mission of the City Government of Kidapawan to plant and grow Two Million Five Hundred Thousand (2.5 million) trees for a year to commemorate the 25th Charter Anniversary of Kidapawan City. The project, under the Luntian Kidapawan Program, is one of the efforts of the local government to minimize if not avoid the effects of climate change through environmental protection and conservation.

The project encompasses the whole of Kidapawan City; particularly the forests and watersheds within the Mt. Apo Natural Park, riparian zones, government properties, and idle/vacant private lots. To ensure the vegetation and rehabilitation of all areas needing canopy support, it is preferred to use suitable planting materials such as endemic species, perennial crops (fruit trees, coffee, cacao, etc.), and bamboo. National government agencies and the private sector have committed to help in the supply of these resources and other logistical needs for the project.

The project encourages community participation and sense of responsibility in our shared goal of environmental sustainability. It is a joint and partnership effort of all Kidapaweños with the local governments, national agencies especially the DENR, the academe, churches, the agricultural and business sectors, and all interested private entities. The entirety of the activity and the achievements of every involved party shall be documented through write ups, geotagged photographs, geographic information system (GIS), and online inventory platform.

A canopy manifests shelter that is a human basic need for protection, safety, and comfort. Beyond its definition, the Canopy ’25 symbolizes resources, diversity, resilience, and life. It will expectantly result to the improvement of our natural ecosystems, the water that we drink, the air that we breathe, and ultimately the overall quality of life not just for the present but most importantly for the future generation.

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