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The Office shall take charge both the Accounting and Internal Audit Services, prepares and submits financial statements & maintains record of journal vouchers and Individual Ledgers for Official and Employees of the City.

Mrs. Gina M. Ong, CPA
City Accountant
Contact No.: 572-4332
Ms. GINA M. ONG -City Accountant
Ms. Susand C. Ibanez -Admin. Officer V1. Processing of Chains
Ms. Perla S. Palmones -Admin. Officer IVa. Disbursement Voucher
Ms. Annie R. Salape -Admin. Officer IVb. Payrolls
Ms. Marilou L. Gelicame -Admin. Officer IV
Ms. Romana E. Jaculba -Admin. Officer II2. Issuance of Certification and Clearances
Ms. Vilma U. Madeja -Admin. Officer II
Ms. Rochelle A. Gabrinez -Admin. Officer II3. Issuance of Certification of compensation/
Ms. Merelyn P. De Castro -Admin. Officer IINet Take Home Pay and Assistance on Loan
Ms. Helen G. Narag -Admin. Assistant VIApplication
Mr. Sonny D. Doctor -Admin. Assistant VI
Ms. Gina L. Taynan -Admin. Assistant III4. Authentication of Documents
Ms. Genelyn L. Tordil -Admin. Assistant III
Mr. Ray Andro M. Lustre -Admin. Asst. II
Mr. Aurelio M. Dematais -Admin. Asst. II
Ms. Raquel A. Padua -Admin. Asst. II
Mr. Abundio Francis N. Fuents III -Admin. Aide VI
Ms. Obrien L. Dano -Admin. Aide VI
Ms. Nimpha B. Hernando -Admin. Aide IV
Mr. Mahalito B. Lapinid -Admin. Aide IV
Ms. Annielyn F. Lumbayan -Admin. Aide IV
Ms. Juliet E. Abuyo -Bookbinder II
Ms. Arlyn P. Obello -Admin. Aide III
Ms. Charmalou R. Pana -Admin. Aide III
Ms. Jonaylyn E. Tinapao -Admin. Aide I
Ms. Amelene C. Bedia -Admin. Aide I
Ms. Mabby Joy R. Raut -Admin. Aide I
Ms. Mary Joy C. Javier -Admin. Aide I
Ms. Maria Christina B. Sumalde -Admin. Aide I
Ms. Jennifer A. Beloy -Admin. Aide I
Mr. Marvin C. Vegafria -Admin. Aide III
Mr. Richard R. Real -Admin. Aide I
Ms. Melody Lapinid -Job Order Worker

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