City Gov’t calls for calm amid nCOv scare

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NEWS | 2020/02/09 | LKRO

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City Gov’t calls for calm amid nCOv scare

KIDAPAWAN CITY – “LIVE CLEAN AND HEALTHY and cooperate with authorities.”

This according to City Mayor Joseph Evangelista in his call to the public after the Department of Health confirmed the entry of the Novel Corona Virus – Acute Respiratory Disease in the country.

The public is advised to observe proper hygiene and sanitation at all times to prevent the spread of nCOv, urged the Mayor.

The call to practice basic hygiene and sanitation was made after reports of face masks being sold out in city drugstores reached local health authorities.

Both the Offices of the City Health and the City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management called for a press conference on February 3, 2020 to answer queries on nCOv and calm the public against the possible spread of the disease.

Among the preventive measures being encouraged to be practiced by the public are: Strengthening one’s immune system by sleeping at least 8 hours every day, drinking enough water and staying hydrated most of the time, avoid smoking, eating healthy with the right amount of vegetables and fruits and cook meat and fish well, proper and frequent hand washing, wearing of face mask (if it is available), and regular doses of Ascorbic Acid and Multivitamins.

Patients having flu like symptoms such as fever, colds and cough are advised to go to the nearest health facility and seek medical treatment immediately.
The CHO have mobilized their Barangay Health Workers to visit communities and educate their constituents on nCOv.##(cio/lkoasay)

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