City Gov’t issues nCoV public advisory

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NEWS | 2020/02/09 | LKRO

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City Gov’t issues nCoV public advisory

KIDAPAWAN CITY – THE City Government here issued a public advisory to protect the public against exposure to the Novel Corona Virus Acute Respiratory Disease or nCoV ARD.
City Mayor Joseph Evangelista signed and issued the public advisory on February 5, 2020.

Under the advisory, all public establishments such as government offices, restaurants and eateries, banks and financial institutions, transport terminals, internet cafés, churches and other places of worship, schools and educational facilities and all business establishments or private entities openly accessible to the general public and are offering spaces where general public congregate should provide hand sanitizers and/or hand washing stations within their premises.

“We are doing this to protect the well-being of the public against exposure to nCoV that is why all establishments, public conveyances and offices in the city are strongly enjoined to provide the necessary prevention and protection measures for all. Your City Government is prepared to confront and ready to address any eventuality the nCov may possibly bring”, Mayor Evangelista assured the public.

Visual presentations such as tarpaulins illustrating proper hand washing and hygiene are also encouraged to be posted on conspicuous places for the public to see, according to the advisory.

Meanwhile, the City Government will put up hand sanitizer stations along accessible points within the City Overland Terminal, public restrooms and City Hall offices. Tarpaulins will also be posted for information dissemination on proper prevention.

Self-protection measures against nCoV ARD are a must, the City Health Office reminded.

Using 70% alcohol solution or hand sanitizers can be an alternative protection in the absence of water for hand washing, the local authorities clarified.

Other than proper hand washing and hygiene, one must boost his/her own immune system to prevent nCoV by sleeping at least eight hours a day, avoiding activities like smoking, drinking alcohol and using illegal drugs, maintaining a healthy diet and not skipping mealtimes, avoiding unnecessary exposure in crowded places, covering one’s mouth when coughing and sneezing, taking in food supplements such as Vitamin C and Multivitamins and seeking immediate consultation when manifesting fever, cough, colds, and body aches.

Further, the general public is advised to remain calm and cooperate with health service providers and local authorities.
To report any possible cases, the public may contact the City health Office through its Disease Surveillance Unit through the following numbers 0907-366-0078 or 577-9256. ##(cio/lkoasay)

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