Dogs abandoned by owners up for adoption in Kidapawan City pound

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NEWS | 2021/02/04 | LKRO

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Dogs abandoned by owners up for adoption in Kidapawan City pound
KIDAPAWAN CITY (February 1, 2021) – A number of dogs impounded in the
Kidapawan City Veterinarian pound are now ready for adoption.
In her interview with” Let’s Go Kidapawan” radio program, Dr. Elaine Mahusay, City
Veterinarian II said a total of 15 stray dogs caught during their operation are eligible for
adoption and hopefully have new owners.
Dr. Mahusay said the requirements for adoption are very simple and those interested to
adopt dogs can now visit their office. These include filling out of adoption form,
screening of interested adoptive owner, and to shoulder the amount of P200 as
impounding fee.
The City Vet Office also said that several pet owners have now signified their interest to
adopt the dogs in the pound and have actually visited them to comply with the
In the recent operation, the City Vet operated in the villages of Meohao where they
rescued 8 stray dogs, Macebolig with 5 stray dogs, and San Isidro with 2. During the
operation, the City Vet personnel gave dog owners 3 hours before leaving the area so
that they have the chance right there and then to claim their pets before reaching the
pound area.
Pursuant to Executive Order No. 001 Series of 202, these dogs are now all eligible for
the adoption program. Photos of all captured dogs are posted in the City Government of
Kidapawan official website and official Facebook page in order to notify the public as
well as their respective owners.
Incase nobody will claim the dogs after a period of 7 days they will be declared as
abandoned and will already be eligible for adoption as stipulated in the E.O.
The latest information from the City Vet office says that out of the 15 stray dogs caught
recently, 7 were already claimed by owners and the remaining 8 are declared as
abandoned and will be ready for adoption. A screening will also be conducted today for
2 interested individuals who can bring home 2 dogs after the interview.

This project, according to City Veterinarian Dr. Eugene Gornez will save the captured
dogs from undergoing euthanasia or mercy killing and is indeed, a better option to take.
“Our office exerts all efforts to keep the community safe from stray dogs and keep away
the danger of rabies to the people”, said Dr. Gornez. He also appealed for dog and
other pet owners to take care of the animals and be more responsible as pet owners.
“Animals are part of the family and they bring joy to everyone”, he added.
Kidapawan City has a zero-case of rabies for the past 5 years and this is attributed to
the endeavor of the office to promote and maintain a rabies-free society by
strengthening the programs of the City Vet and by cooperating with certain animal
welfare organizations.
Apart from adoption of dogs, the City Vet Office continue with its free anti-rabies
vaccination for dogs, free spaying and neutering and other services such as vitamin
supplement and deworming at a very affordable amount.
For those interested to adopt they may visit the City Vet Office during office hours or
may call telephone number (064) 577-5662 for more inquiries. (CIO_AJPME/jscj)

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