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NEWS | 2021/06/24 | LKRO

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KIDAPAWAN CITY – CONSUL GENERAL Miwa Yoshiaki of the Consulate General of Japan in Davao paid a courtesy visit to City Mayor Joseph Evangelista on June 17, 2021. Mr. Yoshiaki’s visit was aimed on discussing economic and security situation of the city and exchanging of ideas on possible cooperation between the City of Kidapawan and Japan. Mayor Evangelista greeted the Consul by a ceremonial bow of respect before the actual dialogue between them started. The mayor welcomed Mr. Yoshiaki and shared to him his pleasant experiences during a visit to Japan in the past. Mayor Evangelista thanked the Japanese Government for helping fund the construction of school buildings in Barangay Patadon through its international Aid Programs. Discussions between the two officials mainly centered on agriculture and tourism development. Mr. Yoshiaki appreciated how the mayor implemented the agricultural programs that helped provide and sustain the livelihood of local farmers through the Food Sufficiency initiative of the City Government. Agricultural products being locally produced such as high value crops like coffee, lettuce, tomatoes, cabbage, and other highland vegetables, citrus fruits from the city lowlands, and freshwater fishes are given much attention under the Food Sufficiency program. Through this initiative, the City Government will buy the produce of the farmers in farm gate prices to ensure that they are rightfully earning from their harvest. The produce is being sold by the City Government in other big cities such as Cebu and Manila thereby providing a market for local farmers’ harvest.The Japanese consul will bring these developments to his government and will find a way how Japan can help boost the agricultural production of the local farmers and help them sustain their livelihood. As for the tourism development, Mr. Yoshiaki has identified Sitio Embassy in Barangay Perez as an ideal site for eco-tourism. Mayor Evangelista agreed with the Consul General since he is also planning to pattern and develop the place after the Spa resorts in Japan. A sisterhood pact between Kidapawan and a small Japanese city is being considered as an avenue for cultural and educational exchange of ideas that will help further develop this city and make its residents productive. ##(CIO)

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