More IPMR’s inducted in villages in Kidapawan City

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NEWS | 2021/02/04 | LKRO

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More IPMR’s inducted in villages in Kidapawan City
KIDAPAWAN CITY (January 29, 2021) – Two Indigenous People’s leaders were recently inducted as Indigenous People Cultural Community/Indigenous People Mandatory Representative in Kidapawan City.
Datu Jimmy Tuan of Barangay Meohao and Datu Alvin Iguianon of Barangay Gayola in
Kidapawan were sworn into office by Kidapawan City Mayor Joseph A. Evangelista in a
simple induction ceremony in their respective office which marks the commencement of
their duties to further advance the welfare of the IP community.
The newly inducted IP leaders will closely coordinate with the City Government
particularly with the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Tribal Affairs and the City Tourism
Office for all the programs concerning the IP community.
Mayor Evangelista considers the installation of Tuan and Iguianon as mandatory
representatives of their respective villages as a victory and at the same time giving the
IP the much- needed representation and a unified voice so that their struggles be heard.
“I am looking forward for stronger ties between the City Government and the IP
community and a continued stream of development of the tribes here in the city”, said
The mayor also said the installation of mandatory representatives in the city council
strongly adheres to the provisions of Section 16 of Republic Act 8371 otherwise known
as the Indigenous Peoples Rights Act (IPRA), which mandated mandatory
representation in all policy-making bodies and in local legislative councils.
For their part, Datu Tuan and Datu Iguianon both promised to work closely with the City
Government and will also spearhead the protection and preservation of their culture.

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