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KIDAPAWAN CITY – THE CITY VETERINARIAN HERE HAS already coordinated with neighboring LGU’s and provided added manpower in check points entering Kidapawan City.

City Veterinarian Dr. Eugene Gornez in a stakeholders meeting on African Swine Fever on February 11, 2020, outlined his office’s initiatives to stop the spread of the disease among swine farms and backyard hog raising in different barangays in the city.

The OCVET provided added personnel to complement counterparts from Makilala Local Government Unit in manning the entry point along Barangay Bulatukan in the said municipality.

Vehicles passing through the said entry point are checked and disinfected for possible ASF infected hogs or pork meat products.

If and when owners of these vehicles fail to show pertinent documents, they are ordered to go back to their points of origin, lest pork meat products be confiscated by authorities.

Aside from implementing strict checks on entry points, Gornez also conducted monitoring for possible ASF infestation in the barangays of the city.

Blood samples taken from a number of swine in Barangay Gayola rendered negative for ASF during the tests done by the Department of Agriculture XII.

Also shedding light on the ASF infestation during the stakeholders meeting is Dr. Geraldson Navarra of the Bureau of Animal Quarantine of the DA XII.

Dr. Navarra emphasized the need to contain the ASF since it can adversely affect the local economies of LGU’s.

Kidapawan City alone, stands to lose Php 60 Million if the ASF infestation breaks out in swine farms of the City, Navarra revealed.
Once ASF enters the locality, all hogs whether infected or not, within the 1 kilometer radius from its source of infection will be culled, he said thereby, bringing huge losses to hog raisers and meat business operators.

The authorities emphasized and insisted that hog raisers avoid swill feeding their hogs to contain the spread of ASF.##(cio/ajpme/lkro)

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KIDAPAWAN CITY – THE NATIONAL Housing Authority affirmed its steadfast support for the post-earthquake recovery efforts being undertaken by the City Government.

NHA XII Regional Director Erasme Madlos relayed this message to City Mayor Joseph Evangelista and the people of Kidapawan in the celebration of its 22nd Charter Day on February 12, 2020.

Madlos served as the Keynote Speaker representing NHA General Manager Marcelino Escalada Jr. for the occasion.

The NHA, said Madlos, is determined on pursuing the construction of 1,700 new housing units that will served as the new shelters for the October 2019 earthquake displaced families living in high risk areas identified as unsafe for dwelling by the Mines and Geosciences Bureau of the DENR.
These houses will be given to beneficiaries for free.

She praised Mayor Evangelista’s quick initiative in bringing normalcy back to the lives of affected families by working with the NHA in providing new homes for them.

These houses will be constructed along several identified relocation sites in Barangays Ilomavis, Perez, Balabag, Nuangan and Indangan.

An initial number of new housing units will be turned over by the City Government and the NHA to beneficiaries in Ilomavis on February 24, 2020, barely 4 months after the quakes struck and displaced families.

Aside from free new housing units, the City Government is working with other government line agencies and the private sector in providing needed livelihood assistance as well as psychosocial interventions to bring normalcy back to earthquake displaced families. ##(cio/ajpme/lkro)

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KIDAPAWAN CITY – THE CITY GOVERNMENT HERE initiated a Briefing, Open Forum and Press Conference on the Novel Corona Virus or nCOv in an effort to educate the public on preventive measures needed and allay fears of possible spread of the disease.

City Mayor Joseph Evangelista invited a medical expert to shed matters concerning nCOv in the said briefing at the City Convention Center on February 11, 2020.

Invited guest who shared vital information on nCOv is Dr. Thaddeus A. Evangelista, MD, an expert in Infectious Diseases who lectured participants mostly coming from local and barangay health services providers.

Among other credentials, Dr. Thaddeus has a Fellowship in Infectious Diseases from the Children’s Medical Center and Research Institute for Tropical Medicine. He is also a Fellow of the Philippine Society for Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, and the Pediatric Infectious Disease Society of the Philippines. He also holds a Master in Science in Clinical Tropical Medicine from Mahidol University in Bangkok, Thailand.

Dr. Thaddeus emphasized that the City Government and local health service providers need to strengthen preventive measures against nCOv.

In his lecture, Dr. Thaddeus attributed the transmission of nCOv from exotic food markets in Wuhan, China as the culprit of the disease.

It was learned that those infected ate exotic meats from bats, pangolin and other wild life species sold in the wet market in Wuhan.

It spread rapidly from droplets of those infected due to the heavy volume of air travel from Wuhan to other countries, the Philippines included though aerosolized transmission was not discounted.

There were three confirmed cases and one fatality due to nCOv and all are Chinese tourists who contacted the disease before arriving in the country, the DOH said.

Patients travelling from China must be monitored for symptoms like fever, cough and difficulty in breathing.

If one manifests these symptoms, a strict quarantine needs to be done to contain the possible spread of nCov.

The public should not panic if there are “Persons Under Monitoring” or PUMs due to travel history from China and other nCov countries but have not manifested symptoms, local authorities assured.

There are already twelve (12) PUMs due to nCov in Kidapawan City.

Dr. Thaddeus also revealed that a respiratory or face mask need not be worn by everyone. Health providers who handle nCov infected patients and the latter, who must wear the respiratory mask to avoid the spread of the virus, are prioritized for use of face masks. Proper handwashing will further help prevent the spread of nCov.

City Councilor Maritess Malaluan, Chair of the Sangguniang Panlungsod Committee on Health meanwhile assured the public that she will draft a legislative measure to institutionalize a Task Force that will work in the prevention of nCov and other infectious diseases.

Both City Health Officer Dr. Jocelyn Encienzo and City Information Officer Atty. Jose Paolo Evangelista assured the public that the City Government is doing its part to ensure the containment of possible nCov transmission by providing hand sanitizers and thermal scanners in venues where the activities for the 22nd Charter day are situated. # # (cio/ajpme/lkro)

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KIDAPAWAN CITY – THE CITY Government here awarded the 2019 Best Performing Barangays during the opening day of the 22nd Charter Day Celebration.

The award is in recognition of the Barangay Governance Performance Assessment for the LGU Award and Incentive Program that is centered on Core Areas such as Revenue Generation, Public Safety and Disaster Preparedness, and Health, and Essential Areas covering the Barangay Council for the Protection of Children Functionality, Education and Community Participation, among others.

“We are giving out the awards in recognition of the exemplary performance of our barangay officials. The incentives will help them give better services as well as implementing priority programs that will improve the lives of their constituents”, City Mayor Joseph Evangelista said in a message to barangay officials.

Over-all winner for 2019 is Barangay Linangkob that scored the highest marks on the Core and Essential Areas particularly the Financial Management Service Area under the Barangay Governance Performance Assessment.

Linangkob also received P200,000 cash prize aside from the Plaque of Recognition from the City Government.

Coming in as 1st Runner up is Barangay Sudapin that scored highest among entries on Solid Waste Management Area and received P150,000 cash incentive and Plaque of Recognition.

2nd Runner up is Ginatilan that scored the highest mark on Health Service Area and received P100,000 cash incentive plus Plaque of Recognition.

3rd Runner up is San Isidro that scored the highest in BCPC, Public Safety, BDRRM and Citizens Participation Service Areas and received P75,000 cash incentives.

Tied for 4th Runner up are Barangays Marbel and Nuangan and received P50,000 cash incentives each.

Other barangays also received P50,000 cash prizes from winning minor awards during the Kalingawan sa Baarngay Celebration on February 10, 2020.

Minor award winners are: Onica (Most Functional BCPC); Indangan (Health); Paco (Nutrition); Junction( Public Safety); Kalaisan (BDRRM); Kalasuyan (Education); and Sumbac (Local Legislation).

Special Awards: Linangkob( Most Functional SK), Lanao (Most improved Barangay); Katipunan, Marbel and Sto. Nino (Zero Open Defecation) and Manongol (Citizens Participation).

All barangays underwent the required evaluation of core and essential areas before the awards are given.
Congratulations and keep it up! Padayun kita sa pag-uswag!##(cio/ajpme/lkoasay)
Courtesy: Awards Show Background Music For Oscars Nominations & Openings

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City Government gives 50K cash gifts to 2 centenarians

KIDAPAWAN CITY – CITY MAYOR Joseph Evangelista, Vice Mayor Jivy Roe Bombeo and City Councilors led the gift giving for two centenarians on February 7, 2020 City Government Convocation Program.
The gift giving is in recognition and appreciation of the centenarians who reached a remarkable milestone in their lives.
Each centenarian received Php 50,000 cash gift and Certificate of Commendation from the City Officials.
They are Mrs. Faustina Gaspan Costelo age 105 years old (born February 16, 1913) from Barangay Magsaysay, and Mr. Fructuoso Colares Daga age 100 years old (born January 20, 1920) from Barangay Poblacion.
Mr. Daga was accompanied by his 95 year old wife Carmen who also received a Php 3,000 cash from the City Government.
Also present during the gift giving are the children and families of the two centenarians.
When asked, their children said that the secret of their parents’ long life is a steady diet of vegetables and fruits and avoiding red meat as well as being active physically for most of their lives.
Though physically unable to do their daily routines at present, both centenarians can still communicate well with their loved ones, their families said.
The City Government has already passed an ordinance giving cash incentives to senior citizens who reached 80 years old and above, as revealed by Mayor Evangelista during the Convocation program.##(cio/lkoasay)

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KIDAPAWAN CITY – The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China donated Php 3, 087,142.00 cash assistance for the post-earthquake rehabilitation efforts being undertaken by the City Government.

The assistance was coursed through the Department of the Interior and Local Government to aid earthquake damaged local government units.

The turn-over of the said assistance is through a Memorandum of Agreement signed between the DILG Regional Office XII and the affected Local Government Units.

The MOA was signed on February 6, 2020 at the City Hall Mayor’s Conference Room.

“ We are very thankful to the People’s Republic of China and the DILG for the assistance. Surely this will help our affected families and communities recover from the recent earthquakes.”, City Mayor Joseph Evangelista said.

Kidapawan City is one of the recipients of the PROC cash assistance together with the Municipalities of Makilala, M’lang and Tulunan in the Province of Cotabato and three other Local Government Units in the neighboring province of Davao DeL Sur that were badly hit by the recent earthquakes.
Signing the MOA in behalf of the DILG is SOCCSKSARGEN Regional Director Josephine Cabrido – Leysa, CESO III and Mayor Evangelista for Kidapawan City.

Also signing their respective MOA’s with the DILG XII are Makilala Mayor Armando Quibod, M’lang Mayor Atty. Russel Abonado and Tulunan Mayor Reuel Limbungan. ##(CIO/LKOASAY)

Photo caption – PROC extends cash assistance to earthquake affected LGU’s: The Peoples Republic of China through the Department of Interior and Local Government donates cash assistance to aid in the recovery efforts of recent earthquake damaged Local Government Units.Signing the MOA are(from left) Tulunan Mayor Reuel Limbungan, Kidapawan City mayor Joseph Evangelista, DILG XII Regional Director Josephine Cabrido – Leysa, CESO III, M’lang Mayor Atty. Russel Abonado, and Makilala Mayor Armando Quibod.(cio photo)

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City Gov’t issues nCoV public advisory

KIDAPAWAN CITY – THE City Government here issued a public advisory to protect the public against exposure to the Novel Corona Virus Acute Respiratory Disease or nCoV ARD.
City Mayor Joseph Evangelista signed and issued the public advisory on February 5, 2020.

Under the advisory, all public establishments such as government offices, restaurants and eateries, banks and financial institutions, transport terminals, internet cafés, churches and other places of worship, schools and educational facilities and all business establishments or private entities openly accessible to the general public and are offering spaces where general public congregate should provide hand sanitizers and/or hand washing stations within their premises.

“We are doing this to protect the well-being of the public against exposure to nCoV that is why all establishments, public conveyances and offices in the city are strongly enjoined to provide the necessary prevention and protection measures for all. Your City Government is prepared to confront and ready to address any eventuality the nCov may possibly bring”, Mayor Evangelista assured the public.

Visual presentations such as tarpaulins illustrating proper hand washing and hygiene are also encouraged to be posted on conspicuous places for the public to see, according to the advisory.

Meanwhile, the City Government will put up hand sanitizer stations along accessible points within the City Overland Terminal, public restrooms and City Hall offices. Tarpaulins will also be posted for information dissemination on proper prevention.

Self-protection measures against nCoV ARD are a must, the City Health Office reminded.

Using 70% alcohol solution or hand sanitizers can be an alternative protection in the absence of water for hand washing, the local authorities clarified.

Other than proper hand washing and hygiene, one must boost his/her own immune system to prevent nCoV by sleeping at least eight hours a day, avoiding activities like smoking, drinking alcohol and using illegal drugs, maintaining a healthy diet and not skipping mealtimes, avoiding unnecessary exposure in crowded places, covering one’s mouth when coughing and sneezing, taking in food supplements such as Vitamin C and Multivitamins and seeking immediate consultation when manifesting fever, cough, colds, and body aches.

Further, the general public is advised to remain calm and cooperate with health service providers and local authorities.
To report any possible cases, the public may contact the City health Office through its Disease Surveillance Unit through the following numbers 0907-366-0078 or 577-9256. ##(cio/lkoasay)

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Mayor Evangelista directs City Vet to intensify efforts against ASF entry

KIDAPAWAN CITY – City Mayor Joseph Evangelista directed the City Veterinarian Office to enforce quarantine measures to contain possible entry of African swine fever here.

This will cover swine farms, and entry of hogs and pork meat products.

“We will establish additional quarantine areas to be manned by the City Government along entry and exit points in the city to contain the spread of ASF. I am planning to coordinate with our neighboring LGU’s especially the LGU of Makilala to set up quarantine points along its boundary with Davao del Sur to check swine and pork meat products passing here in our locality”, Mayor Evangelista said.

This after the Department of Agriculture confirmed the presence of the ASF virus that is blamed to cause the death of hundreds of hogs in Davao Occidental.

All vehicles transporting swine or pork meat products entering the city will be inspected and disinfected.

City Veterinarian Dr. Eugene Gornez, during a meeting with the Mayor, revealed that his office will strictly enforce the “ 1-7-10” Protocol to contain possible outbreak of ASF in local swine farms.

This means that within 1-kilometer radius of infected farms, the City Government will prevent the movement of all live pigs, pork and pork-related products. All pigs tested positive within the area will be culled.

With respect to swine farms within a 7-kilometer radius, the City Vet will conduct surveillance procedures, test animals to determine the extent of infection and limit animal movement. Finally, in farms within a 10-kilometer radius, mandatory disease reporting and monitoring are required, Gornez said.

Blood samples will also be obtain from swine that manifest ASF symptoms such as fever, weakness and loss of appetite, Hyperanemia and cyanosis (seen as reddening) of the skin, particularly ears and snout, Coughing and increased respiratory rate, Vomiting and diarrhea (sometimes bloody.

These will be forwarded to the Department of Agriculture facility in General Santos City for testing and confirmation within a 24 hour period.

Once tested positive, infected swine within the 1 kilometer radius will all be culled to contain the spread of the ASF virus, Gornez explained.

The City Government calls the public to be calm and encouraged consumers to buy pork meat with appropriate NMIS or National Meat Inspection Service seal and veterinary health certificate issued by the OCVET sold in the Mega Market is safe for human consumption.

Mayor Evangelista is planning to hold a dialogue with local pork ‘lechon’ business operators and backyard hog raisers to orient how they can contain the spread of ASF. ##(cio/lkoasay)

Photo caption – Efforts against ASF entry intensified: City mayor Joseph Evangelista directs City LGU department heads to strictly monitor the entry of hogs and pork meat products in the city as preventive measures to combat African Swine Fever.(cio photo)

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City Gov’t calls for calm amid nCOv scare

KIDAPAWAN CITY – “LIVE CLEAN AND HEALTHY and cooperate with authorities.”

This according to City Mayor Joseph Evangelista in his call to the public after the Department of Health confirmed the entry of the Novel Corona Virus – Acute Respiratory Disease in the country.

The public is advised to observe proper hygiene and sanitation at all times to prevent the spread of nCOv, urged the Mayor.

The call to practice basic hygiene and sanitation was made after reports of face masks being sold out in city drugstores reached local health authorities.

Both the Offices of the City Health and the City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management called for a press conference on February 3, 2020 to answer queries on nCOv and calm the public against the possible spread of the disease.

Among the preventive measures being encouraged to be practiced by the public are: Strengthening one’s immune system by sleeping at least 8 hours every day, drinking enough water and staying hydrated most of the time, avoid smoking, eating healthy with the right amount of vegetables and fruits and cook meat and fish well, proper and frequent hand washing, wearing of face mask (if it is available), and regular doses of Ascorbic Acid and Multivitamins.

Patients having flu like symptoms such as fever, colds and cough are advised to go to the nearest health facility and seek medical treatment immediately.
The CHO have mobilized their Barangay Health Workers to visit communities and educate their constituents on nCOv.##(cio/lkoasay)

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